European labour law

Fromont Briens helps you understand the various European standards that impact French labour law.

Mastering European labour law is essential, particularly when foreign labour relations are involved, in the context of restructuring companies of a European dimension, but also because of the enforceability of standards.

Our attorneys assist you in each of your decisions and advise you in order to follow the best procedures in this area.

We provide assistance in the event of labour court disputes or litigations with the URSSAF (in terms of secondment, such as coordinating social protection schemes) which require knowledge of European regulations or of conflict of laws.

More generally, as the impact of European regulations is significant in any activity, we stand by your side to help you comply with them as effectively as possible, as sanctions in the event of non-compliance with some of these principles may have severe consequences.

We assist you in your daily choices so as to ensure full legal security in your business decisions. Our knowledge of the working mechanisms of the European institutions and case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union enables us to help you develop existing legal relations within your company, in light of EU law principles.

“We have a solid knowledge of European labour law which is a significant added value on a practical level for companies oriented towards the EU.”
  • Validation of form E1010 ;
  • Analysis of agreements ;
  • Call for European labour force.
  • Labour court litigation & URSSAF (French social security office) litigation ;
  • Of which: secondment, coordination of social protection schemes, etc. ;
  • European litigation ;
  • Of which: Discrimination, equal treatment, working time, etc.
  • GDPR compliance.