Governance of insurance bodies and insurance products

Fromont Briens' in-depth knowledge of social protection, made available to insurers.

Governance: a structuring tool to enable responsiveness while ensuring the sustainability of the activity.

Our teams have discussed and monitored the transformation of the obligations incumbent on insurance bodies, both regarding French control bodies (ACPR (Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority), CNIL (national supervisory authority), AMF (Financial Markets Authority), Autorité de la concurrence (Competition Authority), etc.), with their clients (insured parties, participating members, social partners), with their peer insurers (reinsurance, co-insurance) and with intermediaries (insurance brokers, agents, representatives, etc.).

They followed the regulatory changes and actively participated in discussions on the evolution of the structuring of insurance activities, entities and groups: SGAM, SGAPS, UMG, UGM, UGC but also associations, foundations, EEIGs, etc.

“Organising the governance of insurance bodies and ensuring the legal security of insurance products: an imperative for which pragmatic support is essential.”
  • Knowledge of the social protection market and the transposition of insurance directives into the various French Codes (Insurance, Social Security, Mutual Societies).
  • Recognised expertise in the governance of joint organisations and mutual funds.
  • Assistance in the reflection on statutory and regulatory aspects.
  • Support for the merger of organisations, for the structuring of groups, for the formalisation of partnerships and mergers.
  • Conducting cross-functional projects, in partnership with other professionals (actuaries, tax attorneys, auditors, DATA specialists, IT specialists, etc.).
  • Diagnostic operations: compliance audits, contract analysis, monitoring of compliance policies.
  • Construction of written policies and procedures adapted to the size and activity.
  • Assistance with audits by independent authorities (including the ACPR (Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority).
  • Design and conduct of specialised training courses (IDD, LAB-FT, GDPR, etc.)
  • Support for the legal teams in place (availability, mentorship, etc.)