Data privacy

Personal data protection: a core concern for HR managers

“Organising the protection of personal data within the HR Department is an obligation that is often underestimated.”

Back ground information

At the crossroads of corporate strategy and employee privacy issues, personal data law is now an essential subject for HR departments and one of the major issues in corporate compliance. Faced with the significant reputational and financial risks surrounding this subject, companies must now more than ever ensure that their practices are fully compliant and anticipate the disputes to which they may be exposed.

The concept of our values

With a renowned expertise in this field and a national and international network of Data Privacy specialists, we support and assist you in the daily management of your employees' personal data. Aware of the significant impact that the application of the GDPR would have on companies, we very early on made our clients aware of the need to implement the appropriate legal and technical measures by offering audits, training and conferences, and by writing a white paper accessible on our website. In order to provide 360° expertise, we have established close collaboration with HAAS Avocats (a renowned legal firm specialising in intellectual property law, new technologies, information and communication, e-commerce and personal data protection) and have notably held the "HRD 4.0." conferences Our teams are thus able to assist you in all your compliance procedures, in your relations with the CNIL (national supervisory authority), as well as in your negotiations with social partners and in collective and individual disputes.
  • +Audit of HR processes for personal data management
  • +Identification of defects
  • +Implementation of GDPR compliance measures
  • +Negotiation with social partners
  • +Management of international personal data transfers
  • +Implementation of the rights of data subjects (right of access, right of opposition)
  • +Relationship management / CNIL
  • +Individual and collective litigation / personal data
  • +Training
  • +Fromont Briens “Data Privacy” White Paper
  • +Collaboration with HAAS Avocats

Dedicated team