Social crisis management

Fromont Briens is involved, upstream and downstream, in the management of social crises: strikes, site blockages, severe accidents, media exposure, etc.

“Responsiveness, availability, pragmatism and composure in decision-making as well as experience in these types of situations are key assets for our clients.”

Back ground information

Managing a social crisis in a company means taking into consideration the multiple facets of the crisis according to its nature, and coordinating the different players, with efficiency and responsiveness.

Knowledge and compliance with the often complex regulations in these emergency situations are essential. The increasing media exposure of these crises is an additional fundamental element to be integrated into the company's and/or group's counselling, defence and representation strategy.

Our expertise

Our experience in crisis situations allows us to act urgently, to suggest appropriate and immediate action plans and to coordinate all these aspects directly thanks to our privileged partnerships, in particular with crisis communication agencies or psychological helplines.

In addition to our consulting role, we can also appear before all competent courts, in particular through our network of affiliate attorneys and bailiffs, to initiate any appropriate urgent interlocutory application.

  • +On-site or external intervention
  • +Assistance in taking urgent decisions
  • +Action plan in coordination with social partners and in compliance with regulations
  • +Internal and external communication
  • +Strategy and judicial defence before courts
  • +Relations with institutions externally or on site
  • +Initiation of interlocutory proceedings, in particular for the purpose of expulsion
  • +Coordination with communication agencies / internal communication services
  • +Coordination with territorially competent bailiffs
  • +Coordination with psychological helplines / External speakers

Dedicated team

Cyrille Franco