Transformation and Work 2.0

Fromont Briens is at the forefront of labour law, offering companies pragmatic and innovative solutions in the structuring and implementation of their legal environment.

“New forms of work represent tremendous growth opportunities for companies.”

Back ground information

The emergence of new technologies has led companies to rethink their working methods while maintaining a secure legal framework. This new context implies the search for a balance between the legitimate needs of business performance and the well-being of employees. Understanding these new challenges is essential today in a constantly changing environment With its expertise, Fromont Briens supports and assists companies in the understanding and implementation of solutions adapted to “2.0” work.

Our proposal

Fromont Briens has a recognised historical experience in the labour law market, which enables it to offer companies the know-how and skills they need to understand the challenges of 21st century work as a whole. The firm's involvement covers both the implementation of these new forms of work, their compliance, as well as the integration of an updated real-time strategic monitoring and the design of the necessary training for their application.
  • +Implementation of teleworking.
  • +Development of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
  • +Transformation of the uses of new technologies.
  • +IT charters.
  • +Legal valuation of employee inventions.
  • +Prevention of risks associated with collaborative robotics.
  • +Use of cryptocurrency in labour relations.
  • +Analysis and securing of labour lending operations.
  • +Analysis and control of staffing operations.