We are committed to better understanding and mastering economic transformations and legal innovations for our clients. In order to contribute to the practice of employment law and its evolution, we maintain a large ecosystem of business partners and various interlocutors. Here are some of them:

Fromont Briens has been a partner of Lab RH, a group of innovative players in the field of human resources since 2015. Lab RH aims to federate, energize and promote HR innovation in France. Our lawyers participate in Meet&Share workshops and conduct joint webinars, sharing our expertise and know-how with members.

Our cooperation with Lexbase, the legaltech at the service of legal publishing, is the occasion for joint publications and events (for example, Lexlearning "Professional Training" in 2021). We share the ambition of sharing knowledge so that as many people as possible can benefit from the power of law. Lexbase offers legal texts and court decisions with doctrinal decryption - making the law intelligible in a variety of formats (textual content, e-learning, infographics, podcasts, etc.) and identifying weak signals and major trends thanks to the LegalMetrics legal algorithm

We are the partner lawyers of S4S Payroll Management, a consulting firm specialized in payroll management. We validate technically and legally the recommendations for compliance of payroll practices, audits of social charges or identification of Urssaf risks. We have also co-produced a White Paper on payroll compliance. This partnership is an additional opportunity for Fromont Briens to work alongside HR teams to secure payroll practices and improve companies' results.

We are partners of the ADEA, a student association gathering the student lawyers of the Rhône-Alpes Law School, the third most important law school among the fifteen establishments in France, which offers initial and continuing training for lawyers to the 16 bars of the Rhône-Alpes region. Our experienced lawyers or those from EDARA contribute to the thematic programs and dialogue with the student lawyers, foreshadowing collaborations that are conducive to individual and collective development.

We are partners of the DJCE of Lyon, Grande Ecole du Droit de l'Entreprise, which is attached to the ten other centers that make up the Fédération Nationale pour le Droit de l'Entreprise. Within the framework of this excellent pre-professional training, our lawyers speak to the students and accompany them as they enter their careers in the various legal professions.

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