Company managers

Fromont Briens assists you with all legal issues relating to the status and remuneration of company managers.

In a context of increased control and transparency within listed companies, our firm has a high level of legal expertise in matters relating to the regulation of their managers’ remuneration.

Our expertise is essential to assist the remuneration committees in preparing all relevant legal documentation and, more specifically, the resolutions, minutes of the Board of Directors and extracts from the reference document.

In terms of corporate office, company executives are often required to combine the functions of both corporate officer and employee. To understand the stakes involved in benefiting from this corporate office/employment contract combination, our expertise allows us to assist you in identifying and setting the cumulative conditions which must be fulfilled.

Finally, we support your company in identifying the areas in which the manager may be held liable and the necessary implementation of delegations of power to ensure the proper functioning of the company.

“Our promise: clarifying and securing the manager's position.”