Employee savings and shareholding schemes

Fromont Briens assists the company in the construction and implementation of its employee savings and shareholding schemes.

Our attorneys guide companies in the construction of savings and shareholding mechanisms in line with the compensation policies defined at HR level, and ensure continuous monitoring to ensure that changes in this area are as effectively implemented as possible.

After a meticulous audit, we set up numerous measures to enable you to improve your savings and employee shareholding policies, at company or group level.

We assist you when drafting the deeds of implementation, when filing these deeds with the administration (challenging the administration's observation letters) as well as when challenging the URSSAF (French social security office) adjustments.

“Employee savings: how to transform a legal constraint into a company's development tool.”
  • Profit-sharing (mandatory, derogatory, optional, supplement) ;
  • Incentives (identifying a method best suited to company needs, supplement) ;
  • Savings schemes (company savings scheme, “PEE”/ intercompany savings scheme, “PEI”/ group savings scheme, “PEG”) ;
  • Retirement savings scheme resulting from the “PACTE” law (implementation of new collective retirement savings plan, formerly “PERCO”, now “PERECO”) ;
  • Time-savings account ;
  • Company/group share purchase option plan, free company/group share allocation plan, company/group share subscription plan (see reserved capital increase in the context of company savings schemes (PEE)), listed or unlisted (validation of the minutes of general meetings, boards of directors, drafting of allocation regulations).