Remuneration policies

Fromont Briens' global approach provides you with an overview of direct and supplementary remuneration and their optimisation.

Compensation policy is a complex discipline in that it interacts with other topics.

Our choice to train lawyers able to apprehend the totality of this matter in all of its dimensions and depths, which is now an asset on the market. It is particularly notable for the remuneration policy, which can only be understood effectively by adopting a cross-functional approach.

Indeed, remuneration is an extremely broad concept which, in addition to the wage elements per se, covers all social benefits provided by employers (retirement and employee savings schemes, profit-sharing and incentives, health and contingency expenses, time-savings accounts, etc.).

In addition, the remuneration policy must be coordinated with all other general policies relating to labour law. We understand these issues in their entirety by working alongside the company's decision-makers when it comes to making strategic choices.

By being involved in both the counselling and litigation aspects of the legal profession, our attorneys have developed a pragmatic approach and have thus been the instigators of major case law decisions relating to remuneration policy with regard to the issue of equal treatment.

“The implementation of a remuneration policy implies that decision-makers must be able to deal with many cross-functional issues.”