URSSAF assessments & adjustments

Fromont Briens provides assistance to companies before, during and after URSSAF* assessments. (*French social security office)

We have recognised expertise in challenging URSSAF adjustments thanks to the intervention of attorneys specialised in analysing the rules governing the subjection of remuneration items to social security contributions.

Our attorneys assist companies in all phases of the URSSAF adjustment.

During assessment operations: assistance in preparing the documents to be sent to inspectors, advice on the answers to be given to the inspectors during the assessment, participation in post-assessment feedback meetings, etc.

Challenging post-assessment adjustments: management of the various phases of the procedure (mandatory amicable phase and jurisdictional phase), request for reduction/cancellation of late payment increases, identification of grounds for contestation both on form and substance allowing our attorneys to obtain innovative decisions.

Finally, we offer compliance solutions on all aspects of remuneration policies (business expenses, general provisions for the reduction of social security contributions, employee savings, complementary social protection, etc.).

“Supporting the company at all stages of the control is essential to ensure effective monitoring of the procedure.”