Webinar – Current trends in Employment law in the US

Everything you need to know as a French HR or a legal managers working in an international environnement

Stephen Hirschfeld, partner Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP & Sophie Pelicier-Loevenbruck, partner at Fromont Briens will provide insights on some key aspects to understand the American system of employment relations.

The questions that will be addressed will in particular include the following:

  • How to navigate the employment regulations issued by the US congress, federal agencies and individual states?
  • For example, how can employers determine what laws apply to a remote worker? 
  • What do the notions of Labor and employment law mean? 
  • What are the differences and the implications of the exempt and non-exempt categories of employees?
  • Employment at will : is it as easy as it first sounds ?
  • What are the differences and the implications of the notions of termination with or without cause?

Speakers : 

May 29th 2024
1.30-2.30 pm
This webinar will be held in English 
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