Through its technical expertise and knowledge of the challenges specific to each situation, Fromont Briens provides you with its operational know-how to identify and implement the tools best suited to your goals.

For companies in need of transformation, we apply our know-how and experience to define, in conjunction with the company’s various stakeholders (Senior Management, Strategy Management, Finance Management, Human Resources Management, etc.), the legal vehicle best suited to the objectives pursued. In this context, we offer comprehensive assistance, from the development of the legal strategy to its operational implementation in compliance with the constraints imposed on us.

For companies in underperformance or crisis, we offer targeted support to define the legal tools necessary to support their turnaround and the revitalisation of their business. Our work in this area is very varied, ranging from the renegotiation of the current social status or the implementation of remuneration plans promoting incentives, to the implementation of major restructuring operations including, where appropriate, economic redundancies.

For companies in insolvency proceedings, safeguard, recovery and liquidation situations, we work alongside administrators and liquidators to provide them with our support in the implementation of the necessary procedures (employment safeguard plan (plan de sauvegarde de l’emploi, PSE) during a recovery, disposal plan, liquidation…) as well as for the treatment of the various HR issues arising in these troublesome periods.

We also ensure the coordination of the various stakeholders at each stage of project deployment to ensure their full effectiveness.