Cost control

Fromont Briens identifies, reduces and optimises the costs and expenses related to your activity.

Strong of its knowledge of all the social issues faced by companies, our firm advises its clients on all subjects involving potential risks and costs, without limiting itself to the usual pricing levers in terms of occupational injury and diseases or various social security contributions.

For many companies, the policy of reducing social costs consists in preventing the increase of the contribution rate for “occupational injuries and diseases” on the one hand, and in auditing the calculation methods for reducing social security contributions on the other hand.

These approaches, on which we assist our clients, are obviously relevant, but remain technical and even accounting responses to specific situations.

The essential part of savings that can be achieved by a company, whatever its size or organisation, lies in its knowledge of global topics and strategic orientations. How to understand the indirect costs associated with high turnover, and how to deal with them, how to measure the suitability of a working time organisation method and what are the possible solutions, how to retain employees with high added value.

“In a general or particular manner, FROMONT BRIENS helps to control and reduce costs directly or indirectly.”
  • Proposal of schemes adapted to the company’s social and wage policy, and construction of socially and fiscally optimised “win-win” mechanisms (additional remuneration, employee savings schemes) ;
  • Analysis of training budgets with a view to financial optimization ;
  • Developing organisational methods for increased flexibility and security (working time arrangements) ;
  • Analysis of personal situations and advice on remuneration, shareholding, social protection or retirement (company managers) ;
  • Recovery or compliance audits: red flags or more detailed audits.