Social management of restructurings

Fromont Briens assists you in securing all your restructuring projects.

The new tools resulting from the MACRON orders are a great opportunity for all companies wishing to enhance their practices.

In recent years, we have been involved in shaping the concepts of employment safeguard plan (plan de sauvegarde de l’emploi, PSE) and voluntary redundancy plan (plan de départ volontaire, PDV) and their coordination. With this experience, our firm has been, through its doctrinal work and the litigation entrusted to it, a pioneer in the analysis of the integration of the new tools resulting from the MACRON orders into its clients' organisational thinking.

Today, we are incorporating the collective contractual termination (rupture conventionnelle collective, RCC), mobility leave or the collective performance agreement (accord de performance collective, APC) into all aspects of our clients' restructuring plans.

We adapt our counselling to the desired organisational target, but also to the overall social strategy. We believe that the success of a restructuring depends, of course, on legal security, but also on taking into account business and organisational constraints.

Finally, we are particularly mindful of the complex ecosystem in which each of our clients operates, integrating in particular the natural players (social partners, professional branch, DIRECCTE (Regional Directorates for Enterprises, Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment), experts, media, etc.).

“When the Labour Code meets the company's organisational and social constraints.”
  • Defining and preparing the project, strategy and envisaged timeframe ;
  • Design of one-pager / next steps summary documents for the executive committees.
  • Follow-up of information and consultation procedures with employee representative bodies ;
  • Assistance in the negotiation of collective agreements ;
  • Drafting of documents ;
  • Drafting of collective agreements (collective majority agreement, collective contractual termination agreement, etc.) ;
  • Coaching in negotiation and communication skills and elements.
  • Management of relations with external and internal project players (employee representative bodies, trade unions, employees, experts, administration, labour inspection, press, politics…) ;
  • Crisis and communication management.
  • Management of collective or individual judicial/administrative and labour disputes initiated during or after the restructuring ;
  • Of which: Challenging collective redundancies for economic reasons.