Mergers & Acquisitions

Fromont Briens works alongside economic players in all their growth projects.

Our teams have a unique and recognised expertise in social due diligence.

We assist investors and advise them in their external growth or equity investment initiatives.

We are involved in various types of transactions: mergers, acquisitions, transfers, demergers, public takeover bids (OPA) and offers (OPE), outsourcing, concentrations or even takeovers of firms in difficulty.

As part of our audits, we perform an analysis of the main subjects likely to generate social liabilities, with the dual objective of providing a quantified inventory of the risks that could affect the financial balance of the offer, on the one hand, and a critical examination of the social climate, on the other hand.

In the post-audit phase, we work in consultation with legal and tax advisors to finalise undertakings and negotiations with the client's advisors: in particular, by helping to formalise any guarantees, and by negotiating contractual evolutions or changes in status for company managers.

“Our trademark: providing social indicators that go beyond technical and legal information.”
  • Mergers & Acquisitions ;
  • Transfers & Demergers ;
  • Public takeover bids/ Offers (OPA/OPE) ;
  • Concentrations ;
  • Takeovers of firms in difficulty.
  • Contractual policy ;
  • Collective status and treaty obligations ;
  • Payroll and classification ;
  • Health and safety ;
  • Staff representation and social climate ;
  • Relations with the URSSAF (French social security office), and labour inspection ;
  • Working time ;
  • Contingency and health care expenses ;
  • Employee savings and shareholding ;
  • Litigation.
  • Formalisation of possible guarantees ;
  • Negotiation on contractual evolutions or changes in status.