Social protection and additional remuneration

Fromont Briens has become the leading French firm in the field of social protection and additional remuneration.

We have understood the importance of the issues of social protection and additional remuneration by establishing, since the firm’s creation, a team of attorneys whose work is entirely dedicated to this area of expertise.

A true “legal generalist speciality”, it involves working in different areas of law (social security law, tax law, insurance law, labour law, company law, URSSAF procedural law, etc.)

Our firm has succeeded in anticipating, being a source of proposals, and accompanying each of the reforms that have a very regular impact on this topic, in order to make them comprehensible and to transpose them in a pragmatic way.

Our attorneys in the Social Protection and Additional Remuneration expertise unit are able to draw up good practices guides, thus providing clients, who are willing to share their experiences, with a key platform for exchanging ideas.