Individual employment relationships

Understanding and handling the issues related to the conclusion, execution and termination of an employment contract.

Strong of our expertise and our dedicated action for companies, we assist HR departments, legal departments and company managers on all aspects of the individual employment relationship.

In the field of individual employment relationships, our work effectively responds to the need for urgent and reliable advice (employee control, disciplinary law), to the operational need to draft legal documents (employment contract, amendment, termination procedures, etc.) and to the need to master the legal environment as a whole.

“Our mission: supervising and securing labour relations within the firm.”
  • Hiring methodology: choosing the most appropriate recruitment method according to the needs and environment (umbrella companies, temporary employment, hiring, secondment/provision of labour, permanent vs fixed-term contract) ;
  • Counselling and assistance to the manager (cumulating contract / corporate office, delegation of powers, etc.) ;
  • Drafting of strategic clauses in employment contracts (variable remuneration, working hours, non-competition, employee inventions, telework, etc.) ;
  • Assistance in the implementation of an individual compensation policy (bonus, LTIP, etc.) ;
  • Assistance to companies in the management of events affecting the course of the employment relationship (amendment of contracts, disciplinary law, transfer of employees, occupational accidents/diseases, etc.) ;
  • Management of international mobility situations (assignment/ expatriation/ impatriation / hiring by foreign entities) ;
  • Assistance during the contract termination phase: assistance in decision-making, costing, risk assessment, scheduling, drafting of useful and necessary documents.
  • Pre-litigation and negotiation strategy ;
  • Assistance in the event of individual litigation related to the employment contract before all courts (labour court, social unit of the High Court, criminal labour law, administrative courts, Incapacity Dispute Court (TCI), etc.).