Collective Labour Relations

A social strategy tool designed to benefit all components of a business

We assist you in the implementation of your collective relations policies, both on the legal and strategic aspects.

We understand collective relations in all their components: definition of a strategy, negotiation and drafting of the collective status, management of employee representative bodies, professional training, health and safety, collective litigation...

Our consulting activity is systematically adapted to the request made, using "tailor-made" counselling, and integrates not only the technical but also the strategic dimension, taking into account the company's context and its foreseeable developments.

As a training organisation, we regularly provide internal or inter-company training to HR managers, legal departments or managers with the aim of understanding, improving, updating and being able to make decisions on the topics presented. Educational methods, interactivity and understanding of the practical implications are key priorities of our training courses.

Finally, our firm intervenes before all courts, both civil and criminal, dealing with matters relating to labour law or social protection. The judicial activity, which we consider to be inseparable from the consulting activity, includes a strategic dimension, both in the preparation of the case and in the conduct of the proceedings or the selection of arguments and documents.

All our attorneys are involved in litigation and the firm benefits, through the diversity of the cases handled, from a perfect knowledge of all jurisdictions, regardless of their geographical location

“Our mission: guiding you in the daily or exceptional life of the company. Our challenge: helping you meet the social challenges of today and tomorrow.”
  • Assistance in the negotiation and drafting / validation of collective agreements (working time, remuneration, employee savings, functioning of employee representative bodies, professional equality, disabilities, social protection, etc.) ;
  • Implementation of company rules, ethical charter, IT charter, code of conduct, etc. ;
  • Setting up economic and social units, setting up a group committee or transnational bodies, etc. ;
  • Preparation and management of professional elections ;
  • In-depth knowledge of the functioning of employee representative bodies in their daily work or during exceptional operations ;
  • Assistance in developing the training strategy ;
  • Validation of training systems ;
  • Optimisation of training systems ;
  • Crisis management: strikes, site blockages, restructuring ;
  • Assistance in relations with the Labour Administration (Administration du travail).