Social protection and additional remuneration

Fromont Briens has become the leading French firm in the field of social protection and additional remuneration.

Our expertise centre combines skills in the areas of company contingency/retirement schemes, payroll/URSSAF (French social security office), employee savings, insurance law and complementary social protection bodies, compliance, executive remuneration and overall remuneration policies.
We have understood the importance of the issues of social protection and additional remuneration by establishing, since the firm's creation, a team of attorneys whose work is entirely dedicated to this area of expertise. A true “legal generalist speciality”, it involves working in different areas of law (social security law, tax law, insurance law, labour law, company law, URSSAF procedural law, etc.) Our firm has succeeded in anticipating, being a source of proposals, and accompanying each of the reforms that have a very regular impact on this topic, in order to make them comprehensible and to transpose them in a pragmatic way. Our attorneys in the Social Protection and Additional Remuneration expertise unit are able to draw up good practices guides, thus providing clients, who are willing to share their experiences, with a key platform for exchanging ideas.
“Our expertise in social protection and additional remuneration is strengthened by unparalleled experience, which has made Fromont Briens an essential partner to support business leaders and insurance professionals.”
  • Implementation and modification of supplementary contingency plans (“AD&D” (incapacité-invalidité-décès-dépendance) or “reimbursement of medical expenses”) and retirement savings schemes within the company ;
  • Assistance in the management and monitoring of these schemes (analysing the existing situation, understanding the practices of insurance companies, elaborating/validating agreements for profit-sharing between the insurer and the scheme), assisting employers in the decision process between their contractual obligations and their constraints (“group” approach, restructuring) in the construction of schemes ;
  • Implementation and modification of employee savings plans (profit-sharing, incentives, savings schemes) ;
  • Assistance to companies in harmonising or modifying contribution rates related to the AGIRC-ARRCO supplementary retirement scheme ;
  • Assistance to companies in bringing their remuneration practices into compliance, particularly following the URSSAF assessment.
  • Assistance to insurance intermediaries through consulting partnerships offering day-to-day support for case management and the implementation of their obligations as insurance intermediaries (minimum initial and ongoing training, partnership agreements) ;
  • Assistance to insurers in validating insurance products and any legal issues related to the execution of insurance contracts ;
  • Assistance to insurers (insurance companies, contingency institutions, mutual funds) in the evolution of their statutes, regulations and contracts, in the structuring of the groups to which they belong, in the organisation of their governance, their compliance policies, in the roll-out of their health and social achievements ;
  • Assistance to insurers in their relations with the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) (application for accreditation, merger, portfolio transfer, substitution or control) ;
  • Assistance in the roll-out of rules relating to insurance distribution or the Directive on insurance distribution (DDA) (audit, implementation, training, partnership agreements, governance and product monitoring policies).
  • Assistance to employers’ federations and joint committees in negotiating complementary social protection schemes set up within the sectors.
  • Defending companies following an URSSAF assessment ;
  • Defending companies in labour court litigation regarding social protection and additional remuneration issues ;
  • Defending insurers (payment of benefits, termination of contract, maintenance of guarantees, recourse against third parties, etc.).
  • Catalogue of inter-company training courses on all topics related to social protection and additional remuneration and current events ;
  • Organisation of tailor-made intra-company training on all the above-mentioned topics.
  • Companies and managers ;
  • Insurance bodies and intermediaries ;
  • Actuarial firms ;
  • Consulting in remuneration ;
  • Organisation and strategy consulting firms ;
  • Employers’ federations ;
  • Joint sector committees ;
  • Accountants or statutory auditors.
  • Monthly newsletter ;
  • News flashes ;
  • Compliance letter.

Dedicated team