Social Compliance

From ethics to social risk management: Fromont Briens assists you in complying with corporate regulations and practices.

Compliance is now a major issue for French companies. Standards and compliance requirements are becoming increasingly important and are no longer limited to compliance with applicable regulations, but include the ethical commitments of companies or groups, including for their international activities.
Faced with this new challenge, our firm helps its clients in guaranteeing permanent compliance of their practices with the legislation but also with the values and internal rules of conduct they have set for themselves. Our goal is to guide our customers through these major transformations, but above all to give meaning to regulations in the light of the company's strategic orientations. Social Compliance leads to a rethinking of social policy by highlighting the steps that can be taken to help companies secure career paths and manage the end of their employees' careers. The implementation of inclusion policies, with greater respect for parity, is one of the essential components of Social Compliance. Companies must account for these aspects, demonstrate that they have addressed social risks as well as implemented procedures to assess, prevent and even manage them. And above all, it makes it possible to approach social relations and social dialogue in a different way by promoting co-construction. An audit is carried out in all areas of labour law and social protection, to identify and assess the risks to which the company is exposed on a daily basis, in order to prioritise compliance projects, including CSR (RSE) and the securing of acquisition operations. Our attorneys assist companies on a daily basis in order to design, implement and promote a social policy in line with their culture and expectations and thus control the company's financial, legal and reputational risks.
“Social compliance: an essential tool for legal security.”
  • Compliance audit on social, HR and payroll practices ;
  • Due diligence on social, HR and payroll practices.
  • GDPR compliance ; 
  • Compliance index women/men ; 
  • Compliance with the Sapin II Law, in particular by setting up internal whistleblowing systems and related documentation ; 
  • Design and implementation of delegations of power within companies and groups ; 
  • Securing practices with regard to the unlawful loan of labour and concealed employment.
  • Prevention and management of situations of moral and sexual harassment, discrimination, psychosocial risks (occupational stress) … ; 
  • Drafting of internal regulations, ethical and IT charters and management of religious issues in companies ; 
  • Criminal risk management and defending interests before criminal courts ;
  • Consideration of CSR-related goals in the establishment of remuneration policy ;
  • Consideration of CSR in the determination of profit-sharing criteria and in the selection of employee savings products.

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