Covid-19 Informations | Fromont Briens

Dear customers, Dear partners, Dear colleagues,

Because the most effective way to fight the spread of the coronavirus today is to limit physical contact, we have decided to take the following measures:

  • From this evening onwards to preserve the safety, health and well-being of our employees, all of them will work remotely until further notice.
  • All of our lawyers remain able to assist clients, from tomorrow morning on, by maintaining confidentiality and data security via our VPN servers. Our strategy to develop the mobility of our employees since 2019 guarantees today our responsiveness and supports our activity.
  • Events, training, meetings are postponed indefinitely or must be done by phone or videoconference; Fromont Briens will set up webinars to keep you informed (Friday at 10.45 am, Mohamed Materi, partner, will host a webinar not to be missed on the responses that companies must provide in France in response to covid-19 with a return of China experience, register here, in French)

It is in responsibility before any possible containment measure that we trigger our business continuity plan in order to protect our employees and associates, while keeping on providing you with the best support in these special circumstances.

You can reach your usual contact directly by email or send us your requests to

Fromont Briens wishes you all the best for the coming weeks.

The partners and all the teams