Anticipating Business Recovery in France

Prompted by the French government's support measures, companies are favoring a partial resumption of business activities. Employers will have to consider, however, the extent to which business can resume—i.e., partial or complete reopening of operations., 14 mai 2020, by Mohamed Materi

The main challenge for employers is to avoid future terminations based on economic reasons, which would inevitably have a detrimental impact on morale, and litigation. The crisis exit strategy, if it involves a new request for partial activity, will necessarily have to integrate the company’s existing employment obligations (obligations to preserve employment, carry out training initiatives, take steps to improve the economic situation, etc.).

Analyzing risks and implementing preventive measures

Focus on temperature checks

Maintaining social dialogue with employee representatives and involving occupational medicine in business recovery

Reducing time frames for convening and informing/consulting the Social and Economic Committee on decisions taken by the employer to deal with COVID-19.